LC Packaging launches Sustainability Vision 2022

01 Jun 2017

LC Packaging Group accelerates its commitment to sustainability by launching its first long-term sustainability vision for 2022: No Time to Waste. As part of the LC Packaging strategy to grow responsibly, this new vision provides LC Packaging with a long-term framework to guide all sustainable decisions and goal setting within the organisation.

LC Packaging CEO, Lucas Lammers:
“Our packaging benefits individuals and communities around the world, protecting the environmental and economic investment in products, and contributes to economic development and social wellbeing by facilitating the distribution and delivery of products to the market place. At the same time, we are fully aware of the negative consequences that the production, procurement transport and disposal of our packaging can have for both the environment and communities around the globe. We believe as a company we have to take responsibility for this impact."   
"Therefore, at LC Packaging we strive to include all stakeholders in our quest to provide sustainable packaging solutions, while minimising the impact on the environment, the waste of valuable products and enriching the communities in which we operate.”

Global goals
Through its sustainability strategy and related activities, LC Packaging contributes to the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): the 2030 agenda for sustainable development – adopted by world leaders in September 2015. In addition to that, LC Packaging has set itself 14 5-year goals, spread over four so-called areas of commitment: 

The LC Packaging sustainability goals are defined in the LC Packaging Sustainability Vision 2022.

Please watch below video explaining our vision in 2 minutes: 


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